They’re constantly in touch with us regarding any additional needs we have, and answer our calls for help in more than a timely fashion, 100% of the time.”

As a new business owner, with absolutely no experience running or setting up a business or office, I was faced with the equally daunting task of learning about and setting up Information Technology services as well for a business that is heavily dependent on those services. I interviewed 4 different I.T. consultants all referred from friends and co-workers, and am not too proud to say I was probably more “lost” following those interviews than before I started!

From the time I met Helmuth at Bonded Networks, to today nearly 6 months later, I can honestly say, that nothing I have asked has been outrageous, nothing I have requested has not been done, and nothing I have dreamed has not been considered and thoroughly thought and talked through. Bonded networks not only set up our I.T. systems, but assisted with equipment needs, including phone services and all of our operating systems. They have set up teaching sessions for our in-house staff as well as staff out of the state. They are constantly in touch with us regarding any additional needs we have, and answer our “calls for help” in more than a timely fashion 100% of the time. Our staff knows them by name, and we always enjoy the completely personalized attention they give us on a daily basis.

Bonded networks is a professional company, with a very personalized approach to each business they work with. Anyone who knows the I.T. arena knows that this is NOT the norm by any means. I am extremely glad I met the Bonded Networks team, and that we are in business together since they truly are part of MY team now.

Jackie Tedesco
One Source Therapy Review