Wireless Site Survey

At Bonded Networks, Inc we know that technology is not your business - it is simply something you need to RUN your business effectively. That’s why we use our industry knowledge to ensure that all aspects of your IT are working for you, not against you. And that includes our wireless network services.

If you want your business to succeed through greater efficiency you need a dependable wireless network architecture that supports your organization's day-to-day operations. Your wireless-based communications system is only as good as the network design behind it, which is why it's important to choose the right service provider that will get everything right the first time.

Bonded Networks has provided Wireless Site Survey service which covers cabling access point procurement, and IDF installation to clients across industries. Specializing in warehouse, industrial, and manufacturing locations whose heights demand special equipment and extra expertise

The problem: weak wireless signals

  • Thanks to the high number of cubicle partitions and interference-causing devices, a weak wireless signal is a common issue in many office environments. If your wireless signal is feeble, you may be suffering from sluggishly running, or even failed communication systems: and that means less productivity, less profit and a damaged company reputation.

The answer: a wireless site survey

  • If you want to ensure your network is performing to the best of its capabilities you need to pinpoint the optimum locations for your wireless access points. You also need to minimize interference. The way to achieve this is through a comprehensive wireless site survey from Bonded Networks. Once we’ve highlighted the weaknesses in your network we can then create a better designed wireless network that will enable you to cut downtime and increase productivity.

What does a wireless site survey involve?

  • Bonded Networks’s wireless site survey goes beyond simply installing a new router. We’ll take it to the next level with professional analysis that takes into account the physical design and layout of your office as well as your unique company requirements. This includes studying your building’s floor plans as well as carrying out an inspection of your premises. And of course we’ll also test our design to make sure it’s fully functioning.
  • Our technicians will record the location of your access points, the signal strength and noise levels and will analyze this data and design a wireless network infrastructure that maximizes the strength of your signals and the range of your wireless network.

It’s time you stopped wasting time and money and said goodbye to the frustration of poorly running systems. Let our wireless site survey help you achieve more - effortlessly.

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